What is Source?

Source is an online network bringing together academics, policy professionals and civil society organisers from across Europe – committed to tackling the biggest economic, environmental and social challenges we face today.

The network focuses on tipping point issues that have the potential to generate real action and impact.

The Source network is co-ordinated by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) the UK's leading think tank promoting social, economic and environmental justice. NEF aim is to help transform the economy so that it works for people and the planet. The project is funded by the KR Foundation.

More information can be found on www.thesourcenetwork.eu

Why join Source?

From solving the tragedy of the commons to building a financial system fit for purpose, or shaping the future of work to tackling climate change - it is becoming increasingly clear that the current economic system is incapable of addressing the interlinked crises of environmental unsustainability, economic instability, and social inequality. There are a number of alternative approaches that offer insights into how an economy could operate differently; but we urgently need a vision for a new economy that delivers economic wellbeing for all within environmental limits, and the intellectual thinking that is necessary to get to this point.  

The Source network identifies issues and looks for tipping points where systemic change can be created. By collaborating with campaigners and policy makers, Source aims to support the development of an economy that delivers economic wellbeing for all within environmental limits.

The network brings together in one place a diverse range of inspirational voices from the worlds of academia, civil society, and grassroots organisations. This platform provides an online space for discussion and constructive debate, but it is also a meeting point to forge new working collaborations across Europe. The Source platform also provides members with the opportunity to exchange information about relevant activities, initiatives, and events taking place all over Europe, and to build key relationships with new research partners. In addition, members will have the opportunity to take part in regular webinar discussions organised exclusively for the network, as well as to have their own initiatives co-branded as Network activities.

How does it work?

ALIGN - Source has created an online community of academics, policy professionals and civil society organisers committed to systemic change.
GENERATE DEBATE - Every month the network identifies issues and looks for tipping points where systemic change can be created.
Discussions are hosted via our online platform giving every member the opportunity to be involved, and exchange thoughts with leading academics, policy professionals, and civil society organisers.
TAKE A SYSTEMIC APPROACH - Following each online debate, a Briefing Paper will synthesise the findings of the online discussion, aiming at outlining the current economic system’s dysfunctionalities. The Briefing Paper informs the formulation of a Base Research Paper, which develops and shares the alternative solutions and supporting evidence. Collectively, this series of research papers will form the building blocks of a new economic narrative that is shaped by all participants.

By collaborating with campaigners, academics, policy makers, and other civil society organisations, Source acts as a catalyst and aims to:

  • DEMONSTRATE THAT AN ALTERNATIVE EXISTSSource supports the development of pan-European initiatives by collaborating with progressive civil society organisations across Europe;
  • ORGANISE: by collaborating with campaigners, Source develops toolkits and materials to support civil society groups  committed to systemic change;
  • POPULARISE THE TRANSFORMATIONSource will collaborate with media partners from across Europe to disseminate and promote its proposals;
  • POLICY IMPACTSource aims to influence the policy process at the local, national and European levels by collaborating with policy makers and policy professionals all across Europe.

Core Group

  • Joanna Maycock, Secretary General, European Women's Lobby
  • Nina Treu, Project Degrowth, Konzeptwerk
  • Federico Guerrieri, Co-founder, Otherwhere
  • Irene Van Staveren, Professor International Institute Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Tim Jenkins, Consultant 
  • Coordination

  • New Economics Foundation sourceteam@newconomics.org
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